Upcoming Project: Home/Cooking

“Six steps this way, six steps that way, and I can’t cook.” — an SRO resident, describing her room

This was the seed of our new community-based theater project, called “Home/Cooking.” One of the most basic and ancient human activities — cooking and eating together, relaxing over a meal and stories — is completely closed off to most residents of SROs (single room occupancy hotels). Without access to a kitchen, it’s also incredibly difficult to eat healthfully on a low income. Strange Angels Theater will be partnering with women living in SROs in the Tenderloin and Central City, as well as community organizations working on issues of food justice, to develop a theater piece based on these women’s stories about food, cooking, home and community. The first phase of the project will include story circles; writing, performance and visual art workshops; and communal “dinner theater salons,” where the participants will cook and eat together, and share their stories and performance pieces. Look for more details to come, and let us know if you’re interesting in joining us on this journey.

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