A poem from one of our actors

Christine Rodgers, who plays Ruthie in Hunter’s Point, has shared a poem that was inspired by her work on this play and an exhibit of Annie Leibovitz’s photography. Oh yes, did we mention that there are scenes in the play that take place in Sarajevo?

After Viewing Annie Leibovitz

It is no accident
I suppose – that
the upended bicycle
near a smear of
fresh blood in
Sarajevo is placed
next to the luminous
face of Leonardo
Dicaprio – a swan
draped about his
perfect neck – a
terrible beauty and
a transcendent one
side by side.  I stand
there a very long time
wondering if I am a
voyeur – wondering
if it is enough to see
this image – to have it
seared into my heart.
If a poem might stagger
out from under my
sorrow and somehow
shift things.  Somehow.

Christine Rodgers


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